The Wikia Mini Upload tool is a button in the editor to add a single image to the current page. It allows to upload an image from your computer without leaving the current page, or search for an existing image. It also has the option to upload photos from Flickr, which can be used by users to easily upload random photos into the wiki.

The problem it comes for wikis which have strong policies of image uploads, about categories, descriptions and licensing, because uploading an image from here you can't add a description, and it provides a very little space to add instructions to users about uploading images.

So in this article we discuss how disable the image upload on this tool, and pointing users to Special:Upload for uploading files.

How to disable it Edit

Use the following CSS code:

#ImageUploadUpload {display: none;}

To also disable the link to upload photos from Flickr, use also this:

#ImageUploadFind div {display: none;}

Use MediaWiki:wmu-uploadtext to add instructions and a link to Special:Upload, to give users the right direction for uploading images.

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