Wikia allows CSS code to be loaded on the wiki. CSS code can be used to customize the appearance of the wiki. The most usual things you can use it here is for hiding (disabling) content.

There are 3 main pages about CSS code:

Personal CSS page Edit

Your personal CSS page contains CSS code that it's only loaded for you on a given wiki. It's good for testing or disabling features on a local wiki.

If you want code that would load on every wiki you visit, see Global CSS page.

It's located as a subpage of your username, with the name of the skin. The name of the skin must be in lowercase.

For example, under Monaco your personal CSS is at: Special:MyPage/monaco.css. Under Monobook it's at Special:MyPage/monobook.css.

Global CSS page Edit

This is also for personal CSS code that only gets loaded for you, but the code is the same on all Wikia. Use it for code that you need loaded on every wiki you visit.

Your personal global CSS is located on Community Central, under w:Special:MyPage/global.css.

Per-wiki CSS page Edit

That CSS page is loaded for all users on a given wiki, and it's maintained by sysops of that wiki. This allow sysops to customize with CSS the appearance of the wiki to their users.

There are three CSS pages customizable per wiki:

This page is loaded for all skins, so it's intended to be the place for CSS modifying the content of articles.
This page is loaded for the Wikia/Oasis skin, so it's intended to be the place for CSS modifying the content of articles.
This page is loaded only for users using that specific skin, so it's intended to be the place for CSS modifying parts of the individual skin. Note that this is true only for Monobook skin. Monaco skin won't load that page unless the theme is set to monaco-custom. Use MediaWiki:Common.css in that case.

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