Wikia added a feature of uploading videos from YouTube and other video providers to each wiki individually. See Help:Videos. They're not "uploaded", but a File: page is created for each video which references the video on the provider site and allows the video to be embedded on a page like any other normal image.

While there was already allowed to use the youtube extension (<youtube></youtube> tags), the problem came when they decided to apply an automatic conversion of <youtube> tags to the Video Embed tool. That means:

Whenever an edit is made on a page containing a <youtube> tag, when hitting save (you can hit the "show changes" button to see what will happen):

  • All <youtube> tags will be replaced by a File: embedded video.
  • The video will be uploaded to the wiki, creating a new File: page. This will be done even if you hit the "show changes" button, without even saving the edit!

There's no way to disable that annoying conversion. The only way is to use the {{#youtube: }} tag, which acts like the <youtube> but it isn't automatically converted. The most convenient way to achieve this is to create a youtube template, so you can track easily what pages are using it and customize it's appearance.

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